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Jasmeet Khanna


I happened to join the Keto Challenge with Hrishikesh and I lost 7 kgs in 45 days flat !! This has never happened before and is no less than a miracle !! I have tried various diets / fitness regimes etc in the past without any tangible results and I was only disappointed. With his personal guidance my energy levels have gone high and I feel much lighter, less lethargic; this change has increased my productivity at work. Not only did Hrishikesh take the pains to customise my diet plan he also was supportive throughout the journey. He is thorough with his knowledge, is patient and gives a very logical solution to your problem and I thank him for his guidance and support. A big shout out to him and would highly recommend everyone to meet him once to change your life in a super positive way. Thank you once again


—  Jasmeet Khanna 

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The 5 Weeks Whatsapp challenge is a group based challenge where you will be a part of an awesome motivated community that share the same goal.

What is the 5 Weeks Whatsapp Challenge?

How is this different from other Diets?

Exercise is NOT mandatory

You don’t have to starve - Eat till you’re full.

You eat all tasty foods, including ghee, butter, cheese, and other healthy fats! This means Yes to Pizza, Spaghetti/Noodles, bhajia, pakodas, parathas etc. But for the most part, you’ll be having Roti sabzi that your family is having - so no extra effort.

Most importantly you’ll see higher levels in your energy and alertness though the day. You will have more fun than you’ve ever had, losing weight and getting healthy!

What is the 30 Day Whatsapp Challenge
Why is it called the Anti-Diet

Actual photos from Past groups!

What do You get?

A personalised Meal plan to suit your unique Lifestyle along with recipes.

 Hand-holding on the group for the next 5 Weeks of the challenge.

A community committed to the same goals as you!

Tips and recipes to make your journey fun, interesting and most importantly practical.

What do you get?

*What do you have to do?

Follow the diet and post photos of your ketostix everyday (Ketostix are used to measure if you’re following the diet)

Post photos of everything you eat everyday on the group.

Log your weight in every Monday

Asset 2@4x.png
Asset 1@4x.png
It's That Simple!
What do you have to do?

What you can Eat

Asset 7@4x.png
Asset 8@4x.png
Asset 10@4x.png
Asset 11@4x.png
Asset 6@4x.png
Asset 9@4x.png
Asset 4@4x.png
Asset 5@4x.png
Asset 1@4x.png
Asset 2@4x.png

What you cannot Eat

Asset 12@4x.png
Asset 13@4x.png
Asset 14@4x.png
Asset 16@4x.png
Asset 17@4x.png
Asset 18@4x.png
Asset 15@4x.png
That's not too Bad! Right?

How does it work?

Let's go over this one more time