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Desserts on Keto

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Cheesecakes, cookies, and chocolate, oh my!

If you're following a diet, or simply trying to eat fewer carbs, desserts are usually off limits — but they don't have to be!

Wanna know a secret? You actually can eat brownies and cheesecakes and even a range of Indian desserts like halwa, barfi, ladoo, rasgulla & so much more good stuff when you go keto. Why? Keto is a diet high in fats and most desserts are high in fats.

Breathe a sigh of relief because there are many delicious dessert options available on a ketogenic diet, and many are very simple to prepare. We just have to make some minor adjustments to the traditional dessert ingredients often used, to ensure that the recipe is keto-friendly—no biggie.

What is Keto anyway?

Keto is short for “ketogenic diet” — a way of eating that is high in fat, moderately high in protein, and low in carbohydrates.

The premise of the keto diet is to stop your body from burning glucose (sugar) for energy and force it to burn fat for energy instead. Carbs are restricted to 5% of daily food intake; protein at about 25%. The rest is fat.

Eating high fat and very low-carb forces the body into “ketosis” — a metabolic state where your body burns fat for energy instead of glucose.

Ketosis is considered a prime weight loss state.

What are keto desserts?

If we’re going off the guidelines of the keto diet, a keto dessert is one that is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbs.

Common ingredients for Keto desserts include

Almond flour and Coconut flour

Coconut cream/full-fat coconut milk

Heavy whipping cream

Full fat cream cheese

Nuts or seeds

Berries, cranberries, lemon, and lime

Cacao powder, cocoa butter, and stevia-sweetened or low-carb chocolate chips

Monk fruit sweetener

Fats like butter, ghee, coconut oil, and avocado oil

Almond, peanut, and pecan butters

Good Quality Sugar replacements for sugar easily available in India are

Liquid Sweeteners

Sucralose - Natura Sugarfree Drops

Liquid Stevia

Powdered Sweeteners (Great for baking)

Stevia - Always look for Stevia+Erythritol combination


Sucralose - Always look for Sucralose+Erythritol combination

Syrup Sweeteners

Monkfruit sweetener

So what can you eat on the keto diet to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Still a bunch of stuff, actually (peanut butter, dark chocolate or cacao, and coconut). You’ll trade grain flours for nut flours like hazelnut, almond, and coconut. Rather than table sugar or honey, you’ll opt for a sugar substitute like Stevia, sucralose, erythritol and monkfruit sweetener.

A lot of Keto dessert issues can be solved by going for the sugar-free option. We’re talking sugar-free jello or using a zero calorie sweetener instead. Sugar-free is always the way to be when on Keto. This removes excess carbs and sugars from your desserts. Once you’ve been on the Keto diet for a while, it’ll be much easier to adjust to sugar-free dessert.

Keto Flour (keto size your current dessert)

A lot of desserts can be turned into something that is Keto friendly. Using coconut or almond flour as the base instead of white flour. Instead of using sugar, use a sweetener. You can also play with your favorite desserts to make them as Keto friendly as possible. We highly Nutribarn Keto flour as a substitute for regular flour in desert recipes as it has similar texture properties and similar flavor profile. We also love the Eggless Nutribarn Chocolate Sponge Cake premix that tastes absolutely divine and is as effortless as they come to make

Fat bombs

A popular dessert option on the Keto diet are called fat bombs. Fat bombs aren’t a one size fits all dessert, so it’s nice to know you can switch them up as you see fit. Generally, a fat bomb is high in fat but low in carbs. Not only can they satisfy a sweet tooth, but they can help you stay on track.

The desserts below are naturally high in fat and you can either substitute or reduce sugar in all of them. Many of these can be made with stevia or any of the above mentioned sugar substitutes to have a zero carb dessert. For crusts & texture you can use almond meal or flax meal, or Nuribarn Keto Flour and add lower carb fruits such as berries.



Whipped cream

Dark chocolate

Ice cream


Hot cocoa


Snacks are fine, as are desserts; you just need to make sure that you’re eating them in moderation and staying within your macros, which is the foundation of healthy eating


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